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The general management applies itself to the institutes’s performance in an administrative way. The general management - whilst taking into account the principles and decisions of the members' meeting and the presidium – is responsible for the arrangement and implementation of all the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve the institutes’s registered objectives.

The general management appoints the president of the German Maritime Institute directly. The general management is elected by the annual members' meeting and remains in the office for at least one year.


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Rear Admiral
Christian Bock

Rear Admiral Christian Bock was born in Bonn, Germany, in 1969. He joined the German Navy in July 1988 and attended basic officer training at the Naval Officers College in Flensburg followed by basic sea training on board FGS GORCH FOCK and FGS DEUTSCHLAND.

Between 1989 and 1993 he studied economics (Master of Business Administration (MBA)) at the Federal German Armed Forces University in Hamburg. After receiving military training in mine countermeasures in 1994 he was commissioned as navigation and executive officer on minehunters class 331B and navy-support vessels class 701A stationed in Wilhelmshaven. He left the Minewarfare Flotilla in 1997 command qualified and passed an on-the-job-trainee phase at the German Ministry of Defence (MOD) Protocol Branch.

In 1997 and 1998 he attended additional courses in communications and information systems, intelligence, anti surface-, anti air-, anti submarine- and mine warfare, with particular emphasis in advanced military operations training.

On completion he assumed command of Minesweeper “KULMBACH”, Class 343 in September 1998. He was responsible to lead his boat as first of class through conversion becoming Minehunter Class 333.

In 2000 he was appointed to serve in the German MOD Naval Staff Plans and Policy and International Co-operation branch and in 2001 he was selected to attend the 43rd Admiral Staff Officers Course at the German Armed Forces General Staff and Command College in Hamburg.

On completion in Oct 2003 he was sent to the German detachment at the NATO Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk. There he acted as Military Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Staff Implementation (**) and Deputy Chief of Staff Transformation (***).

From October 2005 till February 2007 he joined the 3rd Minesweeper Squadron as staff officer education and training, staff officer operations and deputy commanding officer. Afterwards he worked as staff officer at the German MOD Joint Staff Current Operations Branch, which in 2008 was transformed to the Joint Commitment and Operations Staff.

From October 2008 to August 2010 Captain (N) Bock was appointed to Commanding Officer of the 5th Minesweeper Squadron including a four month detachment afloat as Commander German UNIFIL contingent in Lebanon and Cyprus (Dec 08 – Mar 09).

Afterwards he was sent to the German MOD Joint Staff as maritime expert and staff officer conceptual planning responsible for the German armed forces “level of ambition” and the armed forces capability profile.

In February 2011 he was selected as Deputy Head of Division "Military Aspects of Security Policy" in the Federal Chancellery to cover all military matters in an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental branch at political strategic level.

Promoted to Captain (N) he assumed responsibility as Branch Head Maritime Operation and Region Horn of Africa at the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command in October 2013.

From April 2015 till April 2018 he held the position as Branch Chief Concepts and Objectives in the Planning Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Defense. Here he was responsible for the Gernan national level o ambition and the consept of the Bundeswehr.

Since April 2018 he is serving as Commander Flotilla 1 & Director NATO Center of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters

Rear Admiral (N) Bock is married to Elke Bock. He has two sons.