Our objectives



The German Maritime Institute (DMI), the Naval Officers Association (Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung) and the Naval Officers Help Organization (Marine-Offizier-Hilfe) consider themselves as a unity and work closely connected with each other.

Numerous German as well as foreign scientific institutes and organizations have the same objectives as the DMI and therefore support the work of the German Maritime Institute. The productive collaboration of several partners requires a good coordination of the shared work and finally leads to the most effective outcome.

The German Maritime Institute (DMI)

  • Participation regarding the support of maritime thinking and creating public awareness for our country's maritime matters and issues
  • Contribution regarding the content of the specialist journal “MarineForum” and internet forum “Deutsches Maritimes Kompetenz Netz”(German Maritime Competence Network)
  • Subscription of the specialist journal “MarineForum”
  • Usage of the library and the archive

Our activities

  • We publish the specialist journal “MarineForum – Das maritime Geschehen im Blick“. It is released ten times a year
  • We are the initiator and active supporter of the “Deutsches Maritimes Kompetenz Netz”, the internet forum of the maritime industry
  • We organise events such as discussion group meetings, conferences, maritime seminars, symposia and exhibitions
  • We publish books and documents, including pictures and audio files
  • We support scientific studies and projects
  • We keep a library and an archive