The German Maritime Institute (DMI)

Founded in 1973 as Deutsches Marine Institut (German Maritime Institute), the DMI has promoted maritime topics in the public sphere for over 40 years. Since then the focus of its work has shifted from naval and defence to general subjects of maritime security in the age of globalisation.

The DMI is supported by around 170 members, who contribute their expertise in the fields of maritime security, global maritime logistics, shipping, ship building and equipment, maritime law, naval forces, and many other maritime themes to the institute.

DMI is organizer of the Maritimes Hauptstadtforum (MHF) publishes the specialist journal "MarineForum" and many academic publications. In addition, it operates the German-speaking blog "Meer verstehen" (Understanding the Sea). DMI initated the maritime internet portal German Maritime Competence Network and is active promoter.

The DMI is a seasoned organiser of maritime seminars and conferences addressing politicians, the press and the public. In addition, it promotes maritime topics with its experts at specialist seminars and workshops. It organises various conference series, including the "Maritime Convention" for political decision-makers, which takes place in Berlin every year. As the co-organiser of the "Maritime Security & Defence" conference in Hamburg, the DMI participates in one of the most important international conferences on maritime security.

President, DMI
Hans-Joachim Stricker, Vice Admiral (retired)

Chairman, DMI
Christian Bock, Rear Admiral