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DMKN (German Maritime Competence Network)

The German Maritime Institute is the initiator of German Maritime Competence Network (DMKN). The DMKN is an independent and open discussion board of the german maritime community. The internet forum opened in 2003 and has grown and flourish ever since. Today the DNKN is famous for being an important and attractive internet forum of high quality.

The German Maritime Competence Network (DMKN) aims to create and consolidate a dialogue between representatives of the maritime industry, the navy, the sciences and the politics. Moreover the DNKN focuses of the public relations and wants to create a deeper public understanding of maritime matters and issues.

The German Maritime Competence Network offers qualitatively high information and contact to competent experts on maritime matters and issues. Joining the DMKN and receiving those information and contact details is free of charge. You can join here (DMKN) and show your competence and become an expert yourself or find access to the already mentioned information and the experts' contact details.

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