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3 v.l. Menzl, Reineke, Otto, Günther, Chatterjee

Discussion forum “Maritime Security- and Economic Policy” at Lake Constance.

The importance of maritime dependencies for Germany as a business location is an important factor for high-technology and export-dependent federal state “Baden-Wuerttemberg”. How can free, reliable maritime links be secured for global trade flows? What aspects of maritime security are to be found in the economic environment? What will the German Navy look like in the…


6th Maritime Colloquium in Wilhelmshaven (MKW)

As the Wilhelmshavener Zeitung reported in June 2017: According to the experts, maritime Germany has handled the recent crisis well and is well adjusted to the situation. However, challenges lie ahead . How seaworthy is maritime Germany? This was the central question of this year’s Maritime Colloquium. Said colloquium took place on June 15 in…


The members’ meeting of the German Maritime Institut (DMI)

The members’ meeting of the German Maritime Institut (DMI) took place on April 21. More specifically, it took place at the Gustav Stresemann Institut in Bonn. The chairman of the general management, Rear Admiral Karsten Schneider and the president, Vice Admiral (retd.) Hans-Joachim Stricker welcomed the 31 attending members. Both of them were happy about…


8th Maritime After Work Club (MAWC)

8th Maritime After Work Club (MAWC) of the Maritime Capital Forum (MHF) on 14 March in Berlin. Under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta, the MHF invited to the 8th MAWC in the representative office of the European Commission in Germany. more [155 KB]


57. Historic-Tactical-Meeting (HiTaTa)

„Raison d’être and reality – The navy between conceptual aspiration and operative approach“, a very special HiTaTa. About 600 active and former naval officers as well as other guests attended the navy’s 57. Historic-Tactical-Meeting (HiTaTa). The event took place on 11.-12. January 2017 in the Resort Linstow, near Rostock. In his very smart welcoming speech,…