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“Maritime Convention 2018” Challenges of maritime spaces in times of change

The 12th Maritime Convention attracted representatives from politics, business, science and the military to panels and lectures at the State Representation Schleswig-Holstein in Berlin with the topic “Challenges to maritime spaces in times of change”. The organizers, the “German Maritime Institute” together with “Griephan” have managed to gather 162 maritime experts on the challenging issues…


“SAIL OUT” on and at the Kiel Fjord

On the penultimate day of this year’s Kiel Week, about 350 visitors found their way to the Kiel naval base to attend the annual highlight of this event, “Departure of the tall ships called Windjammer Parade” The northern part of the outer pier (Scheermole) with a fantastic view of the Kiel Fjord was closed for…


On June 1, 2018, the members meeting of the German Maritime Institute (DMI) elected Rear Admiral Christian Bock as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rear Admiral Karsten Schneider and the President of the DMI, Vice Admiral (retd.) Hans-Joachim Stricker welcomed 33 attending members to this year’s members meeting in Wilhelmshaven. This was followed by the honoring of the four members who died in 2017 and this year. In his (last) annual report, the chairman, Rear Admiral Karsten Schneider, looked…



The Maritime Forum of the Capitel (MHF) was on February 21st , 2018 in the British Embassy in Berlin. In Wilhelmstrasse, directly behind the “Hotel Adlon”, members of the German Bundestag, their staff, representatives of all maritime sectors and friends of the MHF met for the first time this year to exchange views on the…

Vom 10. Janurar bis 11. Januar fand in Linstow die jährliche Historisch - Taktische Tagung der Marine statt.

Bundespräsident Frank Walter Steinmeier, bei seiner Rede auf der HiTaTa 2018.v.l.n.r. Vizeadmiral Rainer Brinkmann, Bundespräsident Frank walter Steinmeier und Vizeadmiral Andreas Krause.

58th Historic-Tactical-Meeting of the German Navy (HiTaTa)

With 630 participants, the 58th Historic-Tactical-Meeting of the German Navy (HiTaTa), which took place from January 9 to 11, 2018 in the Linstow resort near Rostock, had reached a hitherto unsurpassed high. “People in borderline situations – action and leadership in the conflict of morality and purpose, perception and reality” was the guiding theme under…


11th Maritime Convention on November 14, 2017 in Berlin

After the election: What does politics need to know about the maritime matters? The question was precisely stated in the invitation of the German Maritime Institute (DMI) and the griephan to the Maritime Convention 2017. Unfortunately none of the specially addressed members of the German Parliament took part in the event: the exploratory talks about…

3 v.l. Menzl, Reineke, Otto, Günther, Chatterjee

Discussion forum “Maritime Security- and Economic Policy” at Lake Constance.

The importance of maritime dependencies for Germany as a business location is an important factor for high-technology and export-dependent federal state “Baden-Wuerttemberg”. How can free, reliable maritime links be secured for global trade flows? What aspects of maritime security are to be found in the economic environment? What will the German Navy look like in the…


6th Maritime Colloquium in Wilhelmshaven (MKW)

As the Wilhelmshavener Zeitung reported in June 2017: According to the experts, maritime Germany has handled the recent crisis well and is well adjusted to the situation. However, challenges lie ahead . How seaworthy is maritime Germany? This was the central question of this year’s Maritime Colloquium. Said colloquium took place on June 15 in…